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Influences on the Film

To this day, ETA commandos each carry a single bullet designated for Lobo. Based on a True Story.

When I met Lobo for the first time – almost twenty years ago – and listened “from the wolf’s mouth” the story of his life, I was so captivated that immediately said: “Someone should make a film a film based on Mikel Lejarza’s life; it’s a killer thriller.” In those days, I was a journalist, no less. Seven years ago, when I started my career as a producer, I challenged myself: “I won’t stop ‘til I produce a film about Lobo.” Today, I can say that, thanks to my colleagues at Mundo Ficción, my partners at Castelao Productions and Estudios Picasso and Tele 5 and Canal +‘s blind confidence, my dream has finally become true.

If there is something in my professional life I can feel proud about is my involvement in this film, directed by French-Spanish filmmaker Miguel Courtois. To meet Miguel was something providential. Beforehand, we had met a few Spanish directors. Some of them were reluctant to be involved in a store dealing with terrorism. Other suggested changes and ideas that separated the project from the excellent original script written by Antonio Onetti, and we were far from happy about that. On the contrary, we connected with Miguel since the first time we met him.

Certainly, “lobo” was not an easy project. Since it started moving until today it’s been seven years, and I honestly think that the final result it’s really worth it. We dedicated two years with Antonio Onetti and Mundo Ficción’s team to get a script that encompassed the true spirit of the project: to tell a story based on true facts with a cinematic approach, understanding cinematic as audiovisual entertainment. We wanted a truthful narration of the historical events, but also providing it with the necessary fiction elements needed to create a thriller that could stimulate an audience looking forward to spend 90 minutes with an action thriller with a content; a concept overall maybe more American than Spanish.

Miguel Courtouis, quite a veteran himself, with a vast experience in several genres, but mostly keen on action, was a total discovery for us. He combined this filmmaking experience with a vast knowledge about Spanish recent history due to the Spanish roots of his mother and the fact that he was educated in the Basque Country. At the same time, and because he has spend most of his life in France, he could approach the material without determining factors from his background that could contaminate his vision; without the pressure of being too close to the facts.

With a great cast and a fantastic crew, I really think we have made the best film ever made in Spain about ETA. The audience is going to spend a nice time and, when the screening is over, they could also think about what they have seen.




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