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"A proper thriller. Edgy, intelligent and ..well, thrilling."
David Hughes - EMPIRE –

Empire Online - Lobo review

Paul Julian Smith - SIGHT AND SOUND

James Christopher - THE TIMES

"Eduardo Noriega gives a riveting performance "
Alan Frank - DAILY STAR 7/10

"a tight political thriller....... grittily realistic "
Anthony Quinn - The Independent

"a tense thriller set against a heady backdrop of violence, deception and intrigue made all the more extraordinary by its basis in truth.” "
Future movies
Future Movies - Lobo review

"A cracking period political thriller, The Wolf - Lobo- is the type of intelligent drama rarely seen these days. Eduardo Noriega delivers a career-best performance. "

"It's a gift of a true story: a construction worker who becomes a double agent and exposes the country's biggest terrorist organisation.......taking the audience on a gripping journey that assumes particular relevance in our terrorism-troubled times "
Anna Smith - Channel 4

Film Four - Lobo review

"A riveting, well-packaged political thriller… Noriega delivers a career-best perfperformance."
Jonathan Holland - VARIETY

Influences behind Lobo - The Wolf
Interview with the Director Miguel Courtois

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